2017 Generac Protector 22 kVA - 50 Hz Model #RG02224MNAX

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Protector 22 kVA - 50 Hz Model #RG02224MNAX



Keep your power and the peace with this 22kVA 50Hz generator. Packing a lot of power into a smaller footprint with less noise, ideal applications include larger homes, gas stations, convenience stores and other small businesses.

  • Powerful low-speed, liquid cooled engine is engineered to run at only 1500 rpm for a substantially quieter generator, consuming less fuel and giving both the engine and alternator a longer life. Packs more power into a smaller footprint than air-cooled models.
  • Generac's Evolution™ Controller: The most comprehensive available. The dual line, tri-lingual LCD display allows for easy monitoring and management of generator functions.
  • Clean burning, continuous fuel choice of LP or natural gas.
  • Quiet-Test™ mode for a weekly self-test. Patented, programmable feature validates proper operation. Runs at lower RPM for reduced noise, less fuel consumption and fewer emissions.
  • Standard aluminum, all-weather enclosure provides the ultimate protection from the elements. Aluminum’s corrosion resistance prolongs the life of your generator and is recommended for salt-air, coastal locations.
  • Neutral styling, color and small footprint fits unobtrusively into landscaping.
Generator Specifications
  • Type: Synchronous
  • Rotor Insulation Class: H
  • Stator Insulation Class: H
  • Telephone Interference Factor (TIF): <50
  • Alternator Output Leads 1-Phase: 4 wire
  • Alternator Output Leads 3-Phase: 4 wire
  • Bearings: Sealed Ball
  • Coupling: Flexible Disc
  • Excitation System: Direct
Voltage Regulation
  • Type: Electronic
  • Sensing: Single Phase
  • Regulation: ± 1%
Governor Specifications
  • Type: Electronic
  • Frequency Regulation: Isochronous
  • Steady State Regulation: ± 0.25%
Electrical System
  • Battery Charge Alternator: 12V 30 Amp
  • Static Battery Charger: 2 Amp
  • Recommended Battery: Group 26, 525CCA
  • System Voltage: 12 Volts
Generator Features
  • Revolving field heavy duty generator
  • Directly connected to the engine
  • Operating temperature rise 120 °C above a 40 °C ambient
  • Class H insulation is rated at 150 °C rise at 25 °C ambient
  • All models fully prototyped tested
Enclosure Features
  • Aluminum weather protective enclosure: Ensures protection against mother nature. Electrostatically applied textured epoxy paint for added durability.
  • Enclosed critical grade muffler: Quiet, critical grade muffler is mounted inside the unit to prevent injuries.
  • Small, compact, attractive: Makes for an easy, eye appealing installation.
  • SAE: Sound attenuated enclosure ensures quiet operation.
Engine Specifications
  • Make: Generac
  • Model: In line
  • Cylinders: 4
  • Displacement (Liters): 2.4
  • Bore (in/mm): 3.41/86.5
  • Stroke (in/mm): 3.94/100
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
  • Intake Air System: Naturally Aspirated
  • Lifter Type: Hydraulic
Engine Lubrication System
  • Oil Pump Type: Gear
  • Oil Filter Type: Full flow spin-on cartridge
  • Crankcase Capacity (qt/l): 4/3.8
Engine Cooling System
  • Type: Closed
  • Water Pump: Belt driven
  • Fan Speed (rpm): 1980 - 17.6 kVA; 1650 - 21.6 kVA
  • Fan Diameter (in/mm): 17.75/450.9
  • Fan Mode: Pusher
Fuel System
  • Fuel Type: Natural gas, propane vapor
  • Carburetor: Down Draft
  • Secondary Fuel Regulator: Standard
  • Fuel Shut Off Solenoid: Standard
  • Operating Fuel Pressure: 5-14" water column/9-26 mm HG
Generator Output Voltage/kVA - 50 Hz
  • Model: 22 kVA 231/400 V, 3Ø, 0.8 pf
  • kVA LPG: 22
  • Amp LPG: 32
  • kVA Nat. Gas: 22
  • Amp Nat. Gas: 32
  • CB Size (Both): 35



Engine Type
Generac In-line 4-cylinders
2.4 L


AC Output
LP: 22 kVA; Natural Gas: 22 kVA

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