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 Chocolate Fountain Information 

On our commercial fountains, the feet on the fountain are adjustable to all you to level the fountain for consistent flow.  Uneven sheeting of chocolate over the fountain tiers is usually the result of the chocolate fountain not standing level or of chocolate fondue that is too thick and in need of additional cocoa butter or oil.  The chocolate sold by Americ Equipment Rental, Inc. does not require that any oil be added.  Should you hear a loud knocking noise while the machine is running, this is an indication that the fountain is not level.
Keeping the Motor Cool
Never cover the vent holes that are located on the base unit directly under the bowl that holds the chocolate.  Blocking these holes with linens, flowers or other decorations will cause the motor to overheat.  The fountain should sit at least ¼" from the surface on which it rests to allow sufficient airflow to enter the base and cool the motor. 
Preparing the Chocolate
Plug the fountain in and locate the on/off switch, the heat control switch and a separate switch for turning on and off the "fountain" part of the machine, called the auger.
Set the temperature control for 250° while you prepare to melt your chocolate.  Chocolate chips or callets can be added directly to the pan in the fountain base and heated and melted.  After your chocolate is melted, reduce the temperature setting to 175° - 180° using the heat control switch.  We recommend heating your chocolate in a microwave to save time. 
Cleaning the Chocolate Fountain
Warm/hot water is best to clean the fountain.  The usual fountain disassembles into four parts:  the auger tube, the auger, the bowl and tiers, and the base.  DO NOT IMMERSE THE BASE OF THE FOUNTAIN IN WATER!!!  It is electrical and will be ruined. 
First, clean the machine as soon as you turn it off.  If the chocolate hardens it will be very difficult to clean.  Wear short sleeves, put on a long apron or a garbage bag tunic and plastic gloves.
Turn the fountain off.  With a plastic spatula or spoon, scrape off as much of the excess chocolate as possible into the fountain base. 
Lift off the top hat and place into an empty container.  Pull the auger off the t-shaft.  Remove the auger tube by simply pulling it up off the four stainless posts. 
Clean all parts except the base with hot water, rinse off the parts in the container and place in dishwasher.
Empty the base.  With a ladle empty all possible chocolate into another container or zippered freezer bags.  Wipe out any remaining chocolate with wet cloths.
The INSIDE of the bowl can be filled with water for cleaning.  DO NOT IMMERSE THE BASE IN WATER!!!  Once excess chocolate is out and the base is clean, dry with a cloth or paper towels.
Either discard the leftover chocolate or use for other desserts.